Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Empress Long Arm Quilting Machine and Frame

I created a local video of how the new Empress Long Arm Quilting Machine and Falcon Frame work.

This is a very easy to use quilting machine.  The steel wheels on the steel rails make it glide like a skater on ice.  The response to this machine at quilt shows has been fantastic. Quilters love the ease of operation and that it can be adjusted to fit their space.  Perhaps the biggest advantage besides the quality is the affordability of this package.  If you want to see what is new in long arm quilting machines and frames come play at the Electric Hospital.  We are easy to find on Highway 101 next to Abby's Pizza in Coos Bay. (988 S. Broadway  Coos Bay Oregon 97420 is the official address.)  We can be reached at 541-267-2241 or for our out of town guests 1-800-353-4677 or http://www.electrichospital.com

We have many great sewing machines and the support to make sewing fun and easy. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I was out in our beautiful bay on one of the many interesting islands. I had the rear experience to share the island with a young soaring eagle.  What made this even more unusual was I was able to get out my camera before it left.

Had this been southern California I would have been sharing the island with a thousand other nature lovers and instead of an eagle it would have been a radio controlled toy.

Our customers have been busy making local quilts that we are selling for them in our store.  These change every week.  These make a great hand made gift that is one of a kind.  This is a wonderful way to support some hard working local sewers.

We have an unusual situation at our store, the Electric Hospital.  Since we sell quilting equipment we have traded in machines for all levels we have quilt frames for the hand quilter to the mid arm quilting machines. 

 It would cost more to purchase the materials to build this since it is only $99.

This is the Tin Lizzie 18 ESP with the Quilt Magician Robot on it.
You can see it on our Electric Hospital web page here. Tin Lizzie ESP

The Empress Quilter is a great 18 " long arm quilting machine with a stitch regulator and a laser for quilting pantographs.  

We are listing some of these on eBay.  This B-Line Long Arm Quilting Frame is at this link on eBay

This eBay auction is for a like new sewing and embroidery machine.  We start these auctions off at  99 cents with no reserve.  That means someone is going to get a great machine at a wonderful price.
Here is the eBay Link.  

I like to see local customers get the great deals as we can save them shipping and coach them how to set up and  use the new equipment.  We even have a stitch regulator on eBay for a long arm sewing machine and quilt frame.  

I get customers from all over the world look at my You Tube videos (234,148+ views.)  A gentleman came in this week from Cottage Grove to meet us my face was red from all the wonderful things he was saying about our quirky little videos.  He drove down just to meet us.  If you want to see what we are up to here are some links.



The World Newspaper interview of Maria

I should quickly mention we have sewing instructor, Gail Kellogg, coming next week.  If you would like to meet a fantastic sewer trained on the newest Husqvarna Viking equipment sign up for her classes.  This is the link to read more about Gail.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Arm in the West

The Roseburg Quilt Guild had a fun show at the Douglas County Fair grounds. Maria and I attended as vendors representing the Electric Hospital. We had fun meeting the talented artists. Maria wrote about this in her Blog "A Maria Kind of Day." You can follow the link here. We displayed our long arm quilting machines. The sit down Tin Lizzie 18 has a large sturdy table with a leaf for free-motion quilting. The Tin Lizzie 18 DLS has an adjustable frame with a built in stitch regulator. The faster you quilt the faster the machine sews. This makes all the stitches the same length. The newest addition to the the Tin Lizzie 18 line is the ESP with the Quilt Magician. This 12 foot frame will permit you to quickly and precisely quilt a large quilt. The Quilt Magician is a quilting robot that allows you to place any fabulous design exactly where you want it and the magic happens without you even touching the machine.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Coos Bay Coupons

Check out Fiddlesticks for the best coos bay coupons.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fiddlesticks - From Afghanistan With Love.

Great Opportunity to Showcase the Coos Bay Area

and help a Soldier at the same time.

Read all about the letter Gary Rifkin at Fiddlesticks Gifts received from US Army Spc. Kyle Emmel. Then send a post card from Coos Bay to his sweetheart in North Dakota.

Gifts, Gizmos, Fashion Accessories and Toys
Located at Newmark Plaza
1936 Newmark St.
North Bend, Oregon 974259
(541) 751-9033


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stocking stuffers for art lovers!

Fun stocking stuffer for your favorite artist…two erasers per set, one with the portrait of a famous artist, the other with one of the artist’s paintings. Latex and pthalate free white eraser.

Art Connection
165 S 5th Street
Downtown Coos Bay
541 267 0186